Signs that My 13 Year Old Son Has Reached Puberty:

Me:  What are you watching??  The news???
Spike (lying on the couch and pointing to the chair across the room):  Yeah…the remote is all the way over there.


Me (driving home from the fruit market with the kids and hearing the watermelons rolling around in the trunk):  I’m going to have to pull over somewhere and rearrange the trunk.  My melons are rolling all over the place back there.
Spike:  (uncontrollable giggles)


Me (walking into his bedroom to bring his clean laundry):  Dude, what’s that smell??  You need to clean in here.
Spike:  No, I think that’s just me.  I’ve been out of deoderant for a few days.


Spike:  Hey, Mom, how much is in my college fund?
Me:  Quite a bit, but it won’t get you all the way through four years.  That’s why a scholarship would be great.
Spike:  What happens to that money if I get a scholarship?
Me:  You can use it to pay your living expenses so you don’t have to work through college.
Spike:  Living expenses?
Me:  Yeah, things you need to live.
Spike:  Oh, like a big TV.  And Playstation.
Me:  Um…I was thinking more like food and clothes.