Watch Out Jennifer Lopez!!

I’ve been trying to become more involved at my church recently, partly because I feel that my kids are old enough now that I have a little more freedom to do my own thing.  I debated for a while about what I should get involved with, and what my passion would be.  The thing that sort of fell in my lap is the wedding and funeral stuff.  I haven’t had to deal with a funeral yet, though I’m overseeing the entire “funeral ministry” so I’m trying to get my stuff together, so to speak.  We don’t do many funerals at our church, so it’s not a big job all the time, but we have to be prepared.  I’m getting there.

As far as weddings, I’m still in training.  But soon I will officially be the wedding coordinator.  I helped with a wedding today, and it was so incredibly fun.  I love being there for a couple’s special day, to make sure everything goes perfectly and that they have everything they need.  That’s just my thing, I guess…running around making sure everyone’s happy, doing all those little things people need, giving the cues and soothing the nerves and fixing the veil and lighting the candles and making everything look beautiful. 

I took such pride today in seeing all my hard work (and the hard work of our team) come to fruition, knowing that the bride and groom felt special and knew everything was taken care of and generally seeing it all come together and work out just right.  It was nice to sit in the back of the church for fifteen minutes during the ceremony, just watching this couple start their life together.  I know the wedding’s not really the important part.  I know the marriage is what counts.  But to a bride and groom, the wedding feels important, and it needs to be just right, and I feel so excited to have a part in that.

Now all I need is one of those cool little equipment belts like J.Lo had in The Wedding Planner.  Anyone know where I can get me one of those??